Hidden Figures – an empowering true story for International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, The Hamlets Pop-Up Cinema will feature a fabulous film from the United States. Released in 2016, Hidden Figures is theincredible yet little known true story about three women working at NASA, who served as the brains behind American astronaut John Glenn’s ground-breaking orbit around the Earth.
Playing on 10 March, our Saturday afternoon movie has a top-draw cast: Katherine Jonson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae) – three brilliant African-American women whose intellect not only enabled the successful launch into orbit of astronaut John Glenn, but also helped the USA move ahead of the Soviets in the all-important Space Race. The visionary trio crossed all gender and racial line and inspired generations.
The film picked up multiple awards when it was released two years ago. It picked up rave reviews from the public and critics too. The Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday wrote:
“Far from a dry scientific t…

Nothing beats ‘The Prince of Nothingwood’, showing for one night only at The Arbor City Hotel, Aldgate

The Hamlets Pop-Up Cinema’s tour around the world continues to Afghanistan with the screening of The Prince of Nothingwood. Released last year, this incredible documentary focuses not on Hollywood or Bollywood, but the “Nothingwood” of Afghanistan, where the country’s most “most popular and prolific actor-director-producer” Salim Shaheen has made more than a hundred movies. Unlike his American or Indian peers, Shaheen has next to no budget, and is forced to dodge “rocket attacks, riots and religious fundamentalism” to complete his films.

Writing for the Guardian, film critic Mark Kermode said: “Afghanistan’s most prolific director literally puts his life on the line to make movies, as seen in this riveting and hilarious documentary”
As the Afghani director tries to make his movies, he is pursued by Sonia Kronlund, a reporter for a French broadcaster, curious to know how any form of creativity can exist in a war-torn country.  Meanwhile, in the absence of actresses for Shaheen’s films…

Spreading a little Mutluluk / Happiness in Bethnal Green

The Hamlets Pop-Up Cinema proudly presents Mutluluk/Happiness (2017), short movie from Turkey.  Part of our fantastic double-bill at the end of February, this award-winning film was written and directed by Necip Caghan Ozdemir, and tells the story of a man working at a car repair shop who is determined to overcome the gloom and misery around him to spread happiness.
The 12-minute clip has already travelled the world through its official selection at the Sarajevo Film Festival, Dhaka International Film Festival and Hollywood Turkish Film Festival, with additional screenings at Cannes Short Film Corner and the International Bosphorus Film Festival, winning the Best Short Film Award at the latter. Its next stop is Bethnal Green in East London.
Many will be able to relate to this universal tale about trying to find happiness against the odds. Set in Turkey, the shop's owner, played by Rıza Akın, tries to remain optimistic in spite of a mountain of problems around him: poverty, terro…

Going Turkish in Bethnal Green: UK film premiere of My Suburban Story, followed by dinner at Wood Mangal

Later this month, our Tower Hamlets travelling community cinema pops-up at Oxford House in East London for a very special evening: the UK premiere of acclaimed mockumentary Benim Varoş Hikayem / My Suburban Story.
The film was released in Turkey last year to rave reviews. It’s set in the back streets of Adana, southern Turkey, where director Yunus Ozan Korkut captures the essence of life through the eyes and tales of brilliant local characters living in Ceyhan, on the outskirts of the city.
Korkut, who is also from Adana, draws on his circle – family, friends, neighbours and other local notables – for this rare and authentic insight into their untold and, to the outsider, invisible world. His exquisite palette of personalities include Culluk Yusuf the expert bird-thief, feminist former village headwoman Naime, Devran who loves to prop up the bar, and local strongman Cihangir Abi.

The film’s strength comes from its sincere storytelling: Benim Varoş Hikayem / My Suburban Story is bot…

Mexican family satire Abel kicks off 2018 programme for East London’s The Hamlets Pop-Up Cinema

Enjoy food and film at the fabulous Moo Cantina Argentina Brick Lane. Yes, our first screening of the New Year is taking place at the East End branch of this renowned eatery – the perfect spot to enjoy Abel (2010), a comedy drama set in Latin America.
When six-year-old Abel’s (Christopher Ruíz-Esparza) father abandons the family, the young boy suffers a breakdown and is subsequently admitted into a psychiatric hospital. After his mother Cecilia (Karina Gidi) persuades doctors to let him come back home, the family are faced with Abel’s strange new persona: that of his absent father. Ironically, as Abel plays the man of the house, his father Anselmo (José María Yazpik) turns out to be as much of a child as Abel and things get even more complicated when Anselmo tries to return home as head of the family.
This peculiar tale blurs reality and fantasy, offering an enjoyable, off-beat drama that intrigues, disturbs and entertains in equal measure. The award-winning film marked a strong dire…

The Hamlets Pop-Up Cinema to support the East End Film Festival

Last month, the team behind The Hamlets Pop-Up Cinema met with one of the organisers of the East End Film Festival  to discuss ways in which to work together. Hot on the agenda was the EEFF’s plans for 2018 and how local residents can support this prestigious event on their doorstep, including inputting on the world cinema films that are screened.
The Festival has been running annually since 2000 and is one of the UK’s largest film events. Its mission is “to discover, support, and exhibit pioneering work by global and local independent filmmakers, and to introduce viewers to innovative and challenging cinematic experiences”.
Taking up temporary residence in venues across several East London boroughs, including Tower Hamlets, each year the EEFF presents a rich and diverse programme of international premieres, industry master-classes, free pop-up screenings and immersive live events.
As a community cinema project based in the London Borough of Town Hamlets, The Hamlets Pop-Up Cinema is…

Merry Woofmas the Christmas movie for The Hamlets Pop-Up Cinema

December’s movie choice goes festive with Merry Woofmas. Also known as Up on the Wooftop, this American doggy tale is great fun to watch for all the family.
Santa's dog Toby has one dream: to lead Santa's sleigh. After being left behind at a family home on a pre-Christmas test-flight, Toby must convince the family he really is Santa's dog and join forces with them to make his way back to the North Pole. See below for the film’s trailer.
Our monthly pop-up screenings around the fabulous London Borough of Tower Hamlets take us to Bethnal Green’s Account 3 for December. The Merry Woofmas screening is on Saturday afternoon, 16 Dec, and is suitable for children and families, with a PG age certification.
Account 3 is a BME-women led social enterprise providing training and advice, and two nurseries for local people, making it ideal for this family-orientated film. We discovered this fantastic venue thanks to two of our trainees who work there.

The free screening of Merry Woofm…